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Winter Preparations

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New England winter weather takes a toll on not just vehicles, roads and people but irrigation systems, too. As the Labor Day weekend approaches, we have started preparing for the winterizing of the irrigation systems. During the last week of August reminder cards are mailed to clients. When we get returned calls, they are scheduled for their “blow out”. The compressors are tuned up and the trucks are ready to roll. We perform this service from a couple weeks after…

At First Glance

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The alarm goes off, the clocks reads 5am, it’s still dark outside and you bounce out of bed. You manage to get the coffee made and start watching the news of the day. You wait for the weather forecast wondering if it’s going to be a good day. Finally after a pile of commercials, the weather is on. The weatherman talks about how nice it was yesterday and how nice the coming days will be. Just when you think today’s…