1. What are the benefits of an irrigation system?
    Proper irrigation is the key to a beautiful and healthy lawn and garden. A custom designed irrigation system is an investment in the enjoyment and appearance of your home as well as in the value of your property. An irrigation system also offers the benefits of time and convenience. Manual watering requires significant time that could be spent otherwise and wastes precious water resources. An automatic irrigation system does the work for you, allowing you to come home to a beautiful lawn and garden.
  2. Does an irrigation system waste water?
    No, in fact it will conserve water. A professionally designed and installed irrigation system is precisely timed and controlled to deliver consistent and adequate amounts of water necessary at the correct time of day. There is no risk of over-watering with an automatic irrigation system, unlike when hand watering your lawn. Water conservation is a critical factor in the design of our irrigation systems.
  3. Can I have an irrigation system with a well?
    Yes, in fact Artistic Irrigation has a unique specialty in installing systems on property with even low volume wells. We spend the necessary time gathering  data from town records, calculating the flow rate and setting the system to irrigate without diminishing the household water supply.
  4. Will the installation process cause damage and how long will it take?
    Our systems are designed for installation with minimal lawn damage. In the case of a new property that is not fully landscaped, we will work closely with the landscaping company to install the irrigation system prior to or along with the landscaping. On properties with existing landscaping, we will design the system to avoid having to move any trees, plants or shrubs. The time required for installation varies with the size of the property, but the majority of systems are installed in 2 to 4 days.
  5. What sort of service and maintenance is required?
    We develop a maintenance plan according to your requirements, which might include spring opening and winterizing at the end of the season, as well as service as needed. In addition, we are available for emergency service as necessary. Artistic Irrigation uses high quality products and one of the finest installations available, which minimizes the service required.
  6. What happens when it rains?
    Artistic Irrigation includes a rain sensor on every system we install that meets State of Connecticut regulations. This device senses rainfall and will shut down the system when it the moisture level is high enough. The sensor is adjustable to be set to your needs and preferences.
  7. Will my system have a warranty?
    Every Artistic Irrigation system is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty against defects and a one-year labor warranty.
  8. Do you repair existing systems?
    Yes, we repair and/or upgrade existing systems, as well as provide service and maintenance on previously installed systems.
  9. How do I take advantage of new technologies and eco-friendly developments?
    You can rely on Artistic Irrigation to stay on top of new developments. We will recommend upgrades that will provide you with better performance, improved results, and that contribute to water conservation and a healthier environment.
  10. Why should I choose Artistic Irrigation?
    At Artistic Irrigation the finest quality is our standard, not our goal. We are a fully licensed and insured irrigation contractor and are members of the national Irrigation Association. We will work with you to develop a custom system to meet your personal requirements. We use high quality components installed by a well-trained staff. Our service team insures that your system is up and running at top efficiency and we provide prompt emergency service.

Artistic Irrigation pays attention to the details at every level, and we take great pride in our work and in the relationships we build. We are committed to exceptional customer service and look forward to serving you.

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