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At First Glance

Posted in Weather

The alarm goes off, the clocks reads 5am, it’s still dark outside and you bounce out of bed. You manage to get the coffee made and start watching the news of the day. You wait for the weather forecast wondering if it’s going to be a good day. Finally after a pile of commercials, the weather is on. The weatherman talks about how nice it was yesterday and how nice the coming days will be. Just when you think today’s weather will be announced, he says “come back in a bit for today’s forecast”. With frustration, you walk outside and see the sun starting to peep through the clouds. At first glance, you see many clouds. Then after about a half hour, the sun makes it glorious debut and you see it will be a nice day after all.

In the irrigation industry, the weather plays a major part of the day to day work. It can cause many problems or relieve the problems. Rainy days mean muddy ground causing delay in new installations and makes it difficult for the service technicians to determine leaks in an existing system. When any irrigation person wakes and at first glance sees the sun, there is a sense of relief. Work is performed and when the irrigation system goes on, it sure is a beautiful sight to see.

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